Welcome to the Vancouver Web Design Studio of Jordan Klassen

Welcome to the Vancouver Web Design Studio of Jordan Klassen

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# of Web Pages: This can be an estimate as it has only a modest effect on the price. Don't count pop-ups for help or to see a photo larger. Don't count documents you will link to like Word, Excel or PDF Files. If pages will be in multiple languages count each page in each language separately.
Home Page: A complex home page would be one with 5 or more unique content areas or "boxes". For example: Canada Snowboard. If in doubt, choose standard.
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Email Forms ($120/each)
Videos (embedded) ($120/each)
Rotating Photo Areas ($120/each)

Our logo design process starts with a questionnaire. We then produce 3-6 concepts for you, revise your chosen concept until you are satisfied, then provide you with a copy of your logo in multiple sizes and formats.

A photo gallery is a section of your site that focuses on letting visitors browse a number of photos. If your photos will be integrated with the template or text, or each page will have 8 or fewer photos, you probably don't need this option.

E-commerce includes anything from a "buy" button, to an order form or shopping cart.

Our blog option includes installing the latest version of wordpress, any required plug-ins and designing a custom theme for you based on the layout design for the rest of the website. Note, that if you don't specifically need the functionality of a blog (search, comments, blogroll, etc), our content management options are usually a better choice for news and updates.

A Splash Page is a simple initial page that presents a couple of options (French/English, Canada/USA) before taking visitors to different versions of the site.

An email form is any form that visitors fill out with the results sent to you by email.

Don't count videos that will be hosted on other sites (such as You Tube or Vimeo). Only count video where you want to host it yourself and have it playable from within a web page.

Each rotating photo area can cycle through 3-20 photos. If you want to show more photos than 20, you probably want a photo gallery. Indicate the number of rotating photo areas not the number of photos.

If you have other features not listed, you will have the opportunity to describe them for us after we provide you with a price for the items above.