Welcome to the Vancouver Web Design Studio of Jordan Klassen

Welcome to the Vancouver Web Design Studio of Jordan Klassen

Web Design FAQs

A guide to web design and owning, managing and promoting websites in general, as well as working with J. Klassen in particular, primarily for small businesses and other clients.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Ranking Criteria

The criteria search engines use in determining their rankings and thus how to go about the process of search engine optimization (SEO): how to pick the right keywords and key phrases; where to put them; and how to multiply their effect through high quality inbound links, and the domain name short cut.

Writing Content for the Web

Writing content for the web involves copy editing for internet users who scan (mostly headlines and the left side of the page) rather than reading in detail.

Domain Names: Picking and Purchasing

A guide to understanding, picking and purchasing .com, .ca and other domain names.

Custom vs. Off-the-Shelf Software as Content Management Systems and Shopping Carts

I implement a custom approach to content management and e-commerce because I believe it is better on almost all counts than off-the-shelf tools.

Taking Control of Your Website: Copyright, Updates, Logos, Source Files, and File & Database Backup

The files and rights you need to have control over your website, independent of third party providers like your hosting company, web designer or web developer, in case something goes wrong or you need to make a change.

Using our Content Management System (CMS) to Manage Your Website's Pages

Explains how to add, edit, delete and sort pages, and describes what each of the page's fields is for.

Using CK Editor / FCK Editor to Edit the Content of Your Web Pages

A guide to using CK Editor/FCK Editor to manage the content of your website (as we implement it), explains common tasks and best practices that differ from desktop word processing applications like Microsoft Word.

Answers for Aspiring Web Designers

Answers to common questions I receive from aspiring web designers looking to interview an experienced web designer / developer.